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Posted on February 23, 2013 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (7)

This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Audrey Barr and Bridget Savage - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Audrey Barr: There is a Fairy Guide here for you tonight by the name of Sarah. She has green energies and she says that she has a high wingspan, for she travels far each day to spread love, light and happiness amongst the plants and flowers, as well as to the humans and their animal friends. Her message for you is “Your light has lifted higher in recent times, although you have had a few backward steps at times. Continue to move forward so that you can stay on an even footing along your woodland path. You are ready now to move onto brighter things and these will come in the spring time as the sun shines more brightly. We would like to see you outside more so that you can absorb all the wonderful energies that abound. We send you love each day, but you are not always open to it, for you do not always feel that you deserve it. You must lift your head up high and know that you are loved greatly by so very many people. This love that comes to you must be absorbed and accepted as it will help you to move forward to where you need to be. Love yourself dear one, for you are very loveable indeed! Call on me if you need a hug or someone to talk to. I live in the area around your home and I will gladly share your burdens.”

Bridget Savage: There is a beautiful Fairy Guide with you who has yellow energies and she has butterfly wings that are like leopard print. Her name is Senga and her message for you is “Oh glorious one, you must hold your head up high and never look back to the past, for what happened there is nothing that you should involve yourself in anymore. It is time for you to look to a brighter future now and enjoy all the new energies that are coming to you. You will be doing some more studies soon and these will leave you flying high and on a much higher level that you have been recently. You have had a lot of trauma in your life, but it is time for you to let this go now and only look for positive, uplifting things in your life. It is time for you to think of yourself instead of always only thinking of others. You are worthy and you must treat yourself too. Never leave yourself short to give to others, for you must always think of yourself too. We know that you are a giver and not a taker, but we want you to know that it is ok to receive for once. It will do you the world of good and the first step is for you to receive this message with loving, open arms. We rejoice that you have connected with us this evening and we look forward to many more connections with you in the future. We send you many blessings and lots of sunny energies to brighten your day.”


Posted on February 23, 2013 at 11:45 AM Comments comments (4)

This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Carole Ellis and Svetlana Radakovicova - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Carole Ellis: The Crystal energy that has come forward for you tonight is Lepidolite. Its message for you is “Dear one, your energies are very high at this time and this is wonderful to see, but you must ground yourself more frequently so that your energies are balanced and focused. Use my energies to help you connect with your spiritual self and I will help you to fly high up into the stars and back again. I can help you multitask when you are feeling confused and lost. I can help you to focus when you are feeling anxious and scattered. My energies are like a laser beam and I can focus energy healing to specific places easily. Call on me in my etheric form if you wish; it does not matter if you have me physically or etherically, for I can still do my work with you no matter what my crystalline structure is like. You are ready now to move on to another phase in your life and you will be very successful with this. Trust in yourself and know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. You are truly ready to move forth now, so reach for the stars and never look back!”

Svetlana Radakovicova: Your crystal is Rose Quartz and her message for you is “Blessed are those who love from the heart and live from the heart. You are a beautiful teacher of the heart and many flock to you to admire your great work and listen to your loving, soothing voice. You are a healer of hearts and one who has much patience for others. Your work with children and animals is always on-going and you should always focus on them as you go about your daily life, for although you have much to teach them and you nurture them adequately, they also have much to teach you and they help you to connect with your own inner child. Do not forget about yourself as you walk your spiritual path, for you must nurture yourself too to stay in balance. You would always give, give, give, dear one, wouldn’t you? That is why you resonate with me so much. However, you must always think about yourself too and love yourself enough to rest and to treat yourself when needed. Once you love yourself, then you can love others on a more deeper level. Continue your beautiful work upon this earth, for your energies really do make a difference to many people’s lives. Thank you for all that you do.”


Posted on February 23, 2013 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (4)

This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Shefali Burns and Tina Reiter - Congratulations! Here are your Readings:

Shefali Burns: The Angels of Colour say “Pink is the colour for you, dear one. You are needing more love in your life and more compassion, for although you have compassion for others, you are not always being treated in the same way. We send you this beautiful colour in its Magenta shade to heal and soothe you at this time. We know that your heart has felt broken recently and we would like to help you heal it. Do not worry, for previous losses are, in reality, never lost; they are just changed into something else, and they are always around you. We love you very much and we would like to see you working with colour more in your daily life. Another colour that would help you is Turquoise. This is the colour of the throat chakra, as you know, since you are adept at energy work. We feel that you need to speak out a bit more about your feelings and we feel that wearing this colour as a scarf around your neck, or as a necklace, will help you to be more outgoing with your thoughts, feelings and expressions. Take care of yourself, dear one and be sure to give yourself some tender loving care. We love you dearly.”

Tina Reiter: The Angels of Colour have a message for you: “Your colour is Midnight Blue, for you are connected to the stars and the moon and indeed all the beautiful planets that abound in the night sky. You are a star-being and one from afar that needs to be surrounded by blue at all times. Indigo Blue is also a suitable colour for you, that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised and connected to your soul energies. The lighter shades of blue also suit your energy stream, but the darker and more vibrant shades give you more healing and they help to bring out your energies more clearly. Also work with Green to balance your energies. An Emerald Green would suit you well, as this would ground you to Mother Earth and allow you to feel more connected on a deeper level to her and her energies. As you connect to the skies with Blue and the earth with Green, you will be truly balanced and this will help you to boost your energies daily for maximum effect. Go now, beloved one, and fill the skies with your beautiful energies, for you are a true lightworker and one who has much to teach others. You are loved beyond measure by your guides and your angels and of course your departed loved ones in heaven. You also have some departed animal friends around you who wish to connect with you.”


Posted on February 23, 2013 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (8)

This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Samantha Darbera and Bella Denton-Reed - Congratulations! Here are your Readings.

Samantha Darbera: The Animal Guide coming forward for you today is the Wolf. Her name is Rosie and her message for you is “Just as I am a mother to my beautiful cubs, you are too and, like me, you are very protective over your children. I help to guide and protect you to keep you safe, so that you can continue to be a good mother to your children. I am especially connected to your second child, who is a leader and who will bring you much joy and delight. You continue to strive for the best in your life, and this we like to see. You are a goddess of the light and you bring much joy and happiness to others with your fun and playful nature. Although you can be serious at times also, you are mostly found to be dancing and singing in a corner somewhere and your laugh is infectious. Keep on being the beautiful person you are and call on me at any time when you need a little push in a certain direction, or if you need some extra confidence or energy. I am always here for you and I have been with you since birth. I will be with you until you die, as I am your protector and I will never leave your side.”

Bella Denton-Reed: The Animal Guide coming through for you is a green Snake. His name is Jasper and his message for you is “You are ready now to go on and face some new challenges in your life. It is time for you to push forward to achieve your dreams, as when you do so, you will feel greatly satisfied. You are ready now to move onto the next stage of your journey, which will include studying Colour Therapy; something you have wanted to study for a long time now. This will be brought to you in the spring time and you will be well ready for these new studies and a whole new adventure to explore. Be sure to keep your energies grounded like I do, for you are close to the Earth, although not quite as close as I am since I live on it. I will help you to ground at any time, to ask me and I shall be there to bring your energies into deep balance. Continue to help others, for this is your path and you are a very good teacher for others. Do not forget to take care of yourself also, for sometimes you neglect this while you are caring for others. Remember your salt baths, for your love of water always reconnects you to your Atlantean days and this is a good time and place for you to connect to daily. I go now but I wish you well on the next stage of your journey.”


Posted on February 23, 2013 at 10:50 AM Comments comments (7)

This offer has now closed. The two people to recieve the Readings are Sarah Watkins and Lori Marks - Ccongratulations! Here are your Readings:

Sarah Watkins: Quan Yin is here for you and her message is “Beloved one, you are a beautiful person inside and out and the love you have for others is outstanding. Use these gifts and skills you hold to help others along their pathway of light once more. You have had a recent break in your work, but now it is time for you step once more into the light, so that you can help those in pain and help to ease the hearts of others. You are a loving soul with much to share and we look forward to seeing your new creations again soon. It is time for you to fly dear one and we are all behind you every step of the way! We send you many blessings and much love as you open yourself up once more to the light of spirit. It is your time to shine and be all you came here to be. Sweet one, you are such a joy to behold and we love you dearly. We will watch with eager eyes to see the next stage of your development. We stand behind you in loving protection as you do your work, so never fear, for we are always here.”

Lori Marks: Archangel Raphael is here for you and he says “Glorious one, you have gone through a tough time lately, but things are looking up for you, and as the sun shines once more, you will too. Look to the stars and see how wonderful they are. When we look at you, we too see how wonderful you are, for you are a shining star also. Let the light that is inside you beam from you to all directions of time and space, for your power and glory will help others in need. Let your love shine deeply for all to see, and know that you are gloriously surrounded by your loving angels at all times of the day. I am with you a lot, helping you and guiding you along your path. I look forward to working with you on a deeper level, both with your health and while you are helping others. You have many gifts that you hold dearly, yet you do not always share them with the world. It is time for you to develop these gifts further and then share them with others, to create a chain of light around the world that will shine up to the heavens and back. You are ready now, dear one, to get into your lightwork more fully now, so take the plunge and do what you have always dreamed of. I am with you and I am Archangel Raphael.”


Posted on February 23, 2013 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

This offer has now closed - thanks to everyone who signed up!

Hi everyone, today at around 4pm (UK time), I am going to be offering some free Mini Readings here on my website blog, to celebrate my Facebook Page getting to over 4000 likers! These will be for likers of my Facebook Page and Website Members only (if you are already a member of one of them but not the other, you do not have to join the other one if you don’t want to – being a member of one of them is fine).

I will make a new post on this blog for every type of Mini Reading that I am going to be offering throughout the day. I will be offering the following types of Mini Readings:

1. Angel & Ascension (a channelled message from either an Angel or Ascended Master who works with you).

2. Animal Guide (a channelled message from one of your Animal Totem Guides).

3. Colour (a channelled message from the Angels of Colour to let you know which colour would benefit you most at this time).

4. Crystal (a channelled message from the crystal kingdom to let you know which crystal would benefit you most at this time).

5. Nature Spirit (a channelled message from one of the Nature Spirits that work with you).

6. Oceanic Energy (a channelled message from the Oceanic Realms, for example, this could be from a Dolphin guide, Mermaid or another Oceanic being that works with you).

7. Plant Energy (a channelled message from the Plant Kingdom, for example, a message about a Flower, Herb, Plant or Tree that would benefit you at this time).

8. Spirit Guide (a channelled message from one of your Spirit Guides).

I will make a new blog post for each type of Reading and then the first 2 people to comment with their name on each of these blog posts will receive a Mini Reading of that type, which I will announce and then post on to that specific blog post once I have completed it (please do not comment to this blog post, as that will not count). You are only allowed to 'win' one Mini Reading each, so if you have already won one type, please do not enter your name for another, so other people can have a chance to win one too. To post a comment on the Readings posts that I will put up, just click on the "comments" area below each post (you may need to click on the "comments" section at the top right of each post if you are not fully inside the post). I will post all 8 posts throughout the day and I will post on my Facebook page every time I am going to be putting each blog post up, so that people will have time to come and post their name. You are better to be on a computer to do this, although you may be able to do it through a mobile device – I am not sure. I know my website is mobile compatible, but I am not sure if you can make blog comments using this type of device. You do not need to be a member of my website to make the blog comments, as anyone can post with their name, email address and comment (your email address will not show up on the blog page), but if you are a website member, it may be easier for you to make the blog comments. If you do wish to sign up as a member of my website, you can do so here:

Good luck everyone and I am looking forward to doing some Mini Readings for 16 people! If you don't win a Reading, please don't be disappointed, as I am offering a Free Quan Yin's Lavender Flame Distant Healing Session and a Dolphins of Atlantis Distant Attunement tomorrow that everyone will be able to take part in.

Lots of Love, Catherine xxx

New Readings!

Posted on February 9, 2013 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

New to Angelic Light - Avalon Readings, Chakra & Aura Readings and Dream Therapy Readings!

February Newsletter and Special Offers

Posted on February 1, 2013 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Happy February everyone! The sun is shining today in Scotland, after a crazy weather week. I hope you are all doing good! January has been a lovely month for Angelic Light and I have loved working with you all through my services, as well as my website, facebook and other social media. I love chatting to you all and helping you each day!

Price Increase - I have increased the prices of my Readings by £1 per page and I have also increased the prices of some of my Attunement Courses and Course Packages. The prices for my Crystal Jewellery and Healing Sessions will remain the same. This is the first time in 7 years that I have raised my prices, and I had to do so, as my expenses have been raising gradually each year and also, I do spend a lot of time doing all my work and a lot of things behind the scenes too. I will continue to provide you all with a high quality service.

*Special Offers for February 1st-7th* - I have now decided to offer weekly Special Offers instead of my Monthly ones. I hope you will enjoy these new changes! I can then focus on a smaller amount of offers at the one time and there will be a nice variation of offers throughout the month. The following products and services are on offer through my website until the evening of the 7th February:

~ Archangel Ariel's Courage Earrings: £4.44 plus P&P (usual price £6) - these gorgeous Earrings are made from Prase, Rose Quartz and Blue Grass Jasper crystals, Archangel charms and silver plated findings. They have been filled with the energies of the Lightworker Ariel Archangelic Link to bring you healing and a connection with Ariel as you wear them.

~ Archangel Ariel's Courage Necklace: £7.77 plus P&P (usual price £10) - this beautiful Necklace is made from Prase, Rose Quartz and Blue Grass Jasper crystals, an Angel Wings charm, an organza ribbon necklace and silver plated findings. It has been filled with the energies of the Lightworker Ariel Archangelic Link to bring you healing and a connection with Ariel as you wear it.

~ Angel & Ascension Therapy Distance Session: £12.12 (usual price £15) - this heavenly 30 minute Healing Session will be from the amazing Angels and/or Ascended Masters and it is a brilliant session to receive as it is very soothing and relaxing. You can choose the types of Angel or Ascension Healing energies you wish me to use for your session, or I can let the Angels and Masters guide me as to which ones would be best for you at this time. This session is great, as you can relax in the comfort of your own home while I send the energies to you. A lot of my clients fall asleep after they have received their healing session and the usually email me the next morning to say that they had the best night’s sleep in a long time.

~ 4 page Reading by email: £40 (usual price £44) - this great Reading will be lovingly channelled for you and then your messages will be typed up for you on a Microsoft Word document and sent to you by email. You can choose which type of Reading you would like out of a list (please see the listing on my Webstore for more details), and you can also ask up to 8 questions or have guidance on up to 8 areas of your life. As well as the beautiful channelled messages I bring through for you, I may also choose some Oracle and Tarot cards for you if I am guided to. The Readings I do come through in a similar fashion to Spiritual Counselling and all of the messages will be brought to you in a loving way that will leave you feeling empowered and ready to move on to the next stage of your life. They can be very healing, touching and even educational, and I just love bringing through these Readings.

~ Colour, Chakra, Aura & Meridian 10 Course Package (Distance Learning): £77 (usual price £99) - with this great value package, you will be able to choose 10 Attunement Courses that relate to Colour and the Chakras/Aura/Meridians. This is a wonderful package that will give you lots of healing tools and energies to help you on your path of self-development and you will also be able to pass these energies on to others when you have completed each course, so you get to spread the light even further! You will have my full support by email before, during and after each of your courses and you will also receive a Certificate of Attunement after each course. If you wish, you can complete case studies to receive a Certificate of Mastery for each course completed instead. I just love reading all the beautiful case studies that my students have lovingly worked on and compiled. It warms my heart to know that the beautiful energies are being used so amazingly and I love seeing my students grow with each course they complete and each set of case studies they hand in. Of course, you are not required to do case studies, but if you are guided to do them, do not worry, as they are not hard and are just to show that you have been using and enjoying the energies sufficiently. Most of my Course prices if bought separately are in the range of £10-£15 per single attunement course (more if the course has several attunements), so this package is really great value for money and with the extra discount, it is even more worth it. You will get a lot out of it and it will enrich your life.

For more details of these great products and services and if you would like to treat yourself to one of them, please see the link to all offers here

I look forward to helping you along your path of light and bringing you some beautiful energies! If you have any questions, please email me at any time.

Social Media - please come and join me on my facebook page here as I post inspirational photos, offers, channelled messages, affirmations, educational posts and more here each day! I also post occasional free offerings. You can also find me on Twitter here I would love to connect with you through these social media, if we are not connected already.

Lots of love and hugs, Catherine xxx

*Spotlight On* Aromatherapy

Posted on January 29, 2013 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

In November our *Spotlight On* was for Doreen Virtue's Oracle Cards. This month the Spotlight is on Aromatherapy!

Here is some information about Aromatherapy, written by me:

Aromatherapy is a massage therapy using aromatic essential oils. The essential oils are extracted from the leaves, stems, roots, saps and flowers of plants, trees, shrubs and herbs. The oils have many substances and the chemical composition of the oils change according to the time of day as well as the season of the year, so it is important to collect the plants, flowers and leaves at night time, so that the highest quality and quantity of oil is obtained. The oils have special properties that can benefit a client’s spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical problems.

Aromatherapy can act as a preventative treatment as it can help to relieve small problems that would have built up into bigger ones and perhaps even a serious illness had a client been left untreated.

As well as massage, Aromatherapy can also be utilised by using essential oils in other ways, such as adding them to bath water, using them in skin or hair products, using them as perfume, using an oil vaporiser or spray to scent your house or workplace or through inhalation.

The oils enter the body through the skin during massage, as well as through the lining of the lungs when we inhale their scent. They are then absorbed into the bloodstream, where the medicinal properties of the oils can start their healing work. They can help us in many ways, as they can soothe, uplift and refresh us when we need it, as well as help us to heal on many levels. The scents of the oils affect the limbic system of our brain through the olfactory tract and they also affect our autonomic nervous system, as well as our hormonal system. The scents can evoke many reactions in us and help with anger, fear, stress and memory.

Carrier oil is used with essential oils by making a blend which can then be used for massage. This blend, which contains a pure, high quality vegetable oil mixed with one or a few pure essential oils will ensure that the essential oils are safely carried to and penetrated into the skin in order to heal the client on many different levels, whether that be physically or psychologically. It is important to dilute essential oils so that they can be used safely on the skin during massage. Essential oils can be dangerous if they are used on their own, since they are very concentrated. Oil is used for massage so that the massage therapist can safely and easily glide their hands over their patient’s skin without pulling it or hurting them with excessive friction.

Here is some information on some of the different types of Carrier Oils that can be used:

Grapeseed oil comes from the seeds of grapes and it is a pale yellow colour with a medium texture.

Almond oil comes from the almond nut and it is a clear pale yellow colour, is light in texture and is very good for the skin.

Apricot Kernel oil comes from the kernel of apricots. It is easily absorbed and is good for use on the face and neck.

Sunflower oil comes from sunflower seeds and is great for body massage. It contains Vitamin E.

Soya oil comes from the soya bean and is easily absorbed, so it is great for oily skin.

Avocado oil usually comes from the fleshy pulp surrounding the avocado pit. It is very rich in texture, so is fantastic for dry skin and it contains Vitamins A and B.

Wheatgerm oil comes from the germ of wheat and is very rich, so it can be useful for dry skin. It contains Vitamin E.

Sesame oil comes from sesame seeds and is a very rich oil with a nutty smell.

Here are 12 essential oils that I studied during my Aromatherapy Diploma:

Basil is used for mental tiredness, the nerves, chest problems, migraines, gout, colds, fainting, for regulating the menstrual cycle, for focus, insect bites and digestive problems. It cannot be used during pregnancy and it can be a depressant with over use. It has a herbaceous, clear, sweet smell.

Bergamot is used for skin problems, tension, depression, fever, cystitis, as a tonic and as an appetite stimulant. It can cause problems if used before sunbathing or using a sun bed. It has a light, refreshing citrus scent.

Chamomile is used for calming, inflammation, insomnia, menstrual problems, nerves, stress, irritability, digestive problems, allergies, skin problems, sprains, headaches/migraines and eye problems. It has to be avoided during the first 3 months of pregnancy and cannot be used directly into the eyes.

Eucalyptus is used for colds, chest problems, rheumatism, skin problems, viruses, migraines, urinary problems and to repel mosquitoes. It is a strong oil which has to be avoided if using homoeopathy. It has a sweet, menthol smell.

Juniper is used for liver problems, detoxification, skin problems, urinary problems, obesity, period pains, ulcers and rheumatism. It should be avoided if you are pregnant or have kidney problems. It has a clean, herbaceous smell.

Lavender is used for burns, skin problems, flu, stress, headaches, joint and muscle problems, high blood pressure, fainting, insomnia, allergies and respiratory problems. It has a clean, floral scent.

Lemon is used for digestive problems, colds and flu, skin problems, nerves, to repel insects, arthritis, high blood pressure, the heart, liver purification, nosebleeds, sore gums, corns, warts and veruccas. It can irritate sensitive skin and must be avoided before sunbathing or using a sun bed. It has a light, refreshing citrus scent.

Peppermint is used for digestive problems, headaches, migraine, colds and flu, fevers, inflammation, arthritis, painful periods, chest problems, fatigue, shock and as a mosquito repellent. It must be avoided if using homoeopathic remedies. It should not be used at bedtime, as it can cause insomnia, and it can irritate the skin in high dosages. It has a minty, menthol, refreshing scent.

Rosemary is used for headaches, muscle and bone problems, fatigue, alopecia, dandruff, circulation, chest congestion, intestinal upsets and fluid retention. It should be avoided during pregnancy and if you have epilepsy. It has a fresh, herbaceous, menthol smell.

Sandalwood is used for skin problems, urinary problems, sunstroke, bronchitis, laryngitis and stress. It has a gentle, warm, woody smell.

Tea Tree is used for fungal, viral and bacterial infections, cold and flu, skin problems, cold sores, cystitis, candida, burns, to repel insects, stings, chest problems, immune system, veruccas and warts. It has a medicinal, disinfectant scent.

Ylang Ylang is used for anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, the heart, skin care and sexual problems. It has a floral, heady scent.

Each essential oil has many properties, for example, some oils are astringent, anti-depressant, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, analgesic and antispasmodic.

It is important to use essential oils in exact concentrations, treat them with respect and never use them in excess as this can be dangerous. Too much essential oil can create allergic reaction and cause nausea, headaches and toxicity in the body. Essential oils are very concentrated and strong, so only need to be used in small amounts.

When storing essential oils, they should be kept in glass bottles, away from heat and sunlight. They should be labelled correctly and the tops of the bottles replaced firmly after use. Most oils can last for a year. If they have been diluted with a carrier oil, they will last around a few months. Any oils that smell rancid should be discarded.

With blending essential oils, you have to take into consideration the top notes, middle notes and base notes of them. The top note of an essential oil is the scent that you usually smell first. It is the most volatile and the quickest to disperse. It is usually intense and either very sharp or very sweet. Some examples are Eucalyptus and Thyme. The middle note of an essential oil does not smell too light or too heavy, it just rests in the middle. This note is detected under the smell of the top note. Some examples are Cypress and Hyssop. The base note of an essential oil is a heavy aroma that lingers the longest and is the slowest to disperse. It is the last note that we smell and can linger for quite a period of time, even after the scent of the top and middle notes have gone. A base note oil can fix other notes, slowing down their volatility and giving the overall scent more staying power.

Also when blending, oils from the same family usually go really well together, such as all the flower scents, all the herbal scents or all the spice scents. Spices and citrus go well together, as do woody scents and citrus scents. Some oils which have a strong scent can take over any blend, such as Peppermint, Fennel, Tea Tree, Clove, Thyme and Chamomile. Lemon can lighten the Chamomile scent if required. It is not always a good idea to mix menthol and flower scents together. Oils such as Rose, Jasmine, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood smell really nice on their own, so do not always need to go into a blend.

If you are making a blend, use around 20mls of carrier oil and add 6-8 drops of essential oil (for example if you were using 3 essential oils you would use 2 drops of each oil). You can use more carrier oil for a full body massage, depending on how big or small the client is, or how dry or oily their skin is.

There are three purity categories of essential oils, which are Absolute, Pure and Blends. Absolute is obtained when a vacuum using a liquid solvent in a closed apparatus yields a solid substance called a concrete. This concrete which is essential oil, natural waxes and colour is washed with alcohol to remove the waxes, leaving a thick liquid which is the absolute. Pure essential oils are oils that are not adulterated and have been extracted using methods that leave them without traces of solvent, waxes etc. Blends are adulterated oils which should not be used for therapy, as they may contain synthetic materials or be made from various oils mixed together.

Three methods of extracting essential oils are Enfleurage, Masceration and Expression.

Enfleurage is where flower heads are placed on a glass sheet covered with purified fat until all the oil is absorbed into the fat. This is repeated with fresh flower heads until the fat is saturated with the essential oils. The fat is then called “pomade” and can be used as perfume or ointment. These days we tend to dissolve the pomade in alcohol. The essential oils go into the alcohol, the fat content separates from the oils and we heat the alcohol which then evaporates to leave the pure essential oils.

Masceration is similar to Enfleurage except the flowers or leaves are crushed to rupture the oil cells first before they are added to the vegetable oil or purified fat, which is then put in a warm place so that it can absorb the essential oils. This is repeated until the oil or fat is saturated with the essential oils. The vegetable oil can be used for massage and the fat can be treated with alcohol to obtain pure essential oil.

Expression is where essential oils are extracted from plants by squeezing them with the hands.

Four types of massage that can be used during an Aromatherapy Massage are Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement and Friction. Effleurage is a stroking movement that should always be done towards the heart. It is very soothing and calming and is used to improve circulation and relax the muscles. Petrissage is a kneading action which can help to get rid of adhesions from the tissues. It can reach the deeper layers of the muscles that other forms of massage can’t reach. Tapotement is a type of Percussion, such as hacking and tapping that can help improve the interchange of fluid by bringing the blood nearer to the surface of the body. Friction is where the fingers are used in small circular movements to press on underlying tissues. This can help to break down rheumatic or fatty nodules or knots. It can also help to release tension and bring pain relief.

I hope you have enjoyed this lovely insight into the world of Aromatherapy!

Compiled by Catherine Robson of Angelic Light

Mystickal Jewels Postage Costs

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Postage costs and Delivery times for my Mystickal Jewels are as follows (additional items are now only 20p each!):

UK postage and packing is £1.40 (20p for each additional item purchased at the same time). Delivery time is approximately 1-2 working days from dispatch.

European postage and packing is £3.20 (20p for each additional item purchased at the same time). Delivery time is approximately 3-5 working days from dispatch.

All other countries postage and packing is £3.80 (20p for each additional item purchased at the same time). Delivery time is approximately 5-7 working days from dispatch.

Catherine xxx

Revised Readings

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I have recently revised the emailed Readings I offer through my Wesbsite. They are now as follows:

Mini Reading by email: £5.50

1 page Reading by email: £11

2 page Reading by email: £22

3 page Reading by email: £33

4 page Reading by email: £44

5 page Reading by email: £55

6 page Reading by email: £66

7 page Reading by email: £77

8 page Reading by email: £88

All of my Readings are channelled from the Angels, Guides, Masters and Spiritual Family and sometimes I use Oracle and Tarot cards as well as other tools too to bring you extra guidance, if I feel guided to.

The types of Readings you can choose from are as follows:

Angel & Ascension

Animal Communication

Animal Guide


Chakra & Aura



Dream Therapy


Golden Atlantis



Nature Spirit

Oceanic Energy

Past Life

Plant Energy


Spirit (Mediumship)

Spirit Guide


Here is the link to my Web Store if you would like to book a Reading: and here is the link to my Readings page if you would like to find out more about the different types of Readings I offer:

I look forward to doing your Readings for you and bringing you loving guidance to help you on your path.

Love Catherine xxx

Connect with me through Social Media

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You can connect with me through the following Social Media:


Facebook Page




Google +



Please come and join me - I would love to connect with you! Love Catherine xxx

Working hours - updated January 2013

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Hi everyone, my working hours are as follows (all times are UK BST/GMT depending on the time of year):

Monday: 10am-2pm and 9.30pm-10.30pm

Tuesday: 10am-2pm and 9.30pm-10.30pm

Wednesday: 10am-2pm and 9.30pm-10.30pm

Thursday: 10am-2pm and 9.30pm-10.30pm

Friday: 10am-2pm and 7pm-8pm

Catherine xxx

Signing up as a member on my Website and Facebook page

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Please come and sign up as a Member on my website and my Facebook business page. I have special offers available now and then which are only for members of my website and members of my facebook page. To sign up as a member of my website, please register at the top of the sidebar on the right hand side of my website. To sign up as a member of my facebook business page, please click the following link and then press "like".

Many thanks and I hope to connect with you all soon! Love Catherine xxxx

New Courses Coming Soon:

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Lightarian AngelLinks

Lightarian Reiki

Ashati 1-3

Chios Energy Field Healing 1-3 Course Package

Paypal Gift Vouchers

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You can send Paypal Gift Vouchers to your friends and family so that they can shop at Angelic Light :-) Please click here to go to the relevant page of my website :-) Paypal Gift Vouchers can be used for:

Birthday Presents

Christmas Presents

Anniversary Presents

To say Thankyou to someone special

To treat someone special

for any kind of celebration

or why ask someone else to buy one for YOU! :)

Vouchers can be used to purchase Readings, Healing Sessions, Therapy Sessions, Attunement Courses and Magickal Light Creations.

Love,Catherine xxx

*Messages of the Day* (updated frequently)

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*Message of the Day* from St Germain: “On this fine day, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for all the healing work and energies you have sent to our dear planet, for she appreciates them very much. You are all wonderful sports and without you, we would not be where we are today. So keep up the good work, wayshowers, and continue to be a beacon of light for others. Who can you help today out of the kindness of your heart? If you can help one person, please do so, and this kindness will spread like a chain of light around the world; linking up and creating a huge bunch of lights, much like those that surround a Christmas tree. You are loved, dear ones, so never forget this. Keep on being the brave soldiers of light that you are and we thank you profusely from the bottom of our hearts for all the work you do for others and for mankind. It does not go un-noticed.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 30th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Archangel Michael: “Blessings of the full moon to you all on this fine day! The energies have changed somewhat in the last few days and many of you have been feeling out of sorts, as much was being released and cleansed in preparation for the energies of this beautiful moon. You should start to see a difference now and if you were feeling a bit under the weather, your energy should have risen back to normal levels now that the moon is brightly shining her light over you all in glorious ways. Of course, the moon is always there and is always in her full glory, but she is hidden from view at different times and this can affect how the energies reach you. This moon is an extra powerful one, so use her energies wisely and ask her to cleanse you and your belongings, as well as charge them with Source light for an extra boost. I wish you all well and I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 28th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Lord Merlin: “Good day to you all. Today is a day where many of you are feeling a bit shaken and you are wondering how you can make ends meet, especially with the Christmas period coming up. Know that you can manifest that which you need to you. Trust and believe that you can, and you will. Only you block the flow of abundance that comes to you, so open yourself up and affirm “I now accept all full methods of abundance that come to me now. I accept them with all my heart and soul and I deserve them, for I am worthy. I am that I am and I am abundant in all ways; in all shapes and forms and in all directions of time.” Then state to the Universe, or whoever you prefer, just what it is that you desire. Ask for it in a prayer or during your meditations and ask us to help you achieve your goals. Then, step back and allow these bountiful gifts to come to you easily and effortlessly, without worrying about them. Good luck with your creating and manifesting, for indeed, you are all creators of the highest order and highest light.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 26th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Archangel Ariel: “Greetings to you all. I am here today to bring you a message from the realms of the sea. As you know, I work closely with the sea beings and water sprites to bring healing and guidance to the whole oceanic realms of Earth. Although it is the natural cycle of life to eat other animals if one feels guided to do so; the way in which animals are caught and used for flesh consumption is quite barbaric in many countries. We ask you to please consider more humane ways of leading the beautiful beings of the sea to the spiritual realms. Please honour them and pray for them while they pass over to the light, for they are gifting you their life, even if they resist this. At some level, their soul may have agreed to be of service to you, out of love, but the way in which some humans treat the animals of the Earth, not only those of the sea, is beyond cruel. We are not telling you to stop eating flesh, for this is your choice and your decision, but please consider the way in which the animals are being killed, for many are being abused and tortured before their death and they are not being allowed to “get away” if they choose not to go. It is an animal’s right to choose also, if they wish to be consumed or not, so, for example, we will look at the dolphins and whales in Japan and we can see that some of them try to escape what is happening to them. In these cases, they should be let free, for they have not agreed to be consumed. It is forced upon them. There are some animals in the world who have indeed chosen to come to Earth to be used as meat and they have gifted themselves to you in honour. Most of these types of animals are bred for consumption and they only know that type of life. Consuming wildlife is a different matter, although we do not class any animal as better than another; we only mention this to convey our thoughts. Wild animals have chosen to be wild and are not usually under any contract to be caught and consumed as meat by humans. This is not to say that they won’t be. It is an animal’s choice, just as it is your choice to eat the meat. We all have free will. So if a wild animal resists being caught and refuses to give its life up, then it should be released; it should not be forced in to its death. God has provided much food on Earth to feed the masses, yet a lot of it is left to wither and die so that animals are used instead. Why not focus on the bounty that God has given you and only consume flesh as a last resort, or in small amounts? This would help the planet in the long run and ensure that no animal is killed against its will. We know that this post may be sensitive to many but we ask that it be put out there in honour of the animals that are taken each day; many of them taken against their will. We ask with love that you reconsider the type of meat you use, if any, and try and look at ways of consuming only animals who are treated humanely in their passing. Honour all animals and treat them with respect. They offer only respect and love to you too. I send this message with my heartfelt love and with a wish to make this planet a better place to live on. From my heart to yours, dearest ones.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 22nd November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Ascended Master Racoczy: “The energy on your planet is very up and down at the moment, however, know that the good you do for your planet is multiplied a thousand times and that each moment you live in peace, this is transferred to the earth to be processed and further travelled along many pathways of light, to other destinations. Each moment you breathe is precious, so take care of yourself and enjoy your life to the full. There is no use holding back in anything that you wish to do. Move forth and know that you are divinely supported along the way. There are many beings of light here to assist you, including me. Do not fret or worry about asking any of us for help, for that is what we are here for; to be in service to mankind. We have lived the life you have, so we know the both the pitfalls and the treasures that you encounter. We understand, and that is why we can help you so greatly. With the help of the Angelic realms also, we can offer a whole and balanced assistance program to you, at no cost. You do not need to pay for our help. All you need to do is ask for it. Know that you are divinely supported in many ways; much more than you can see with your earthly vision. Worry not, for the world is rising and with this brings great light. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride, although with this light, much has to be released first. Keep yourself grounded and protected at all times, so that you feel secure and safe within the world you live in. Breathe from the heart and know that you are loved in so very many ways. We are with you, dear Ones. You are never alone. We bid you good day and we hope that you shall call on us soon.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 16th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from the Elemental Kingdom (Nature Spirits): “The time has come for you all to put down your mass weapons of destruction and take better care of the Earth. We watch with dismay at how you treat each other and the Earth, your beautiful Mother of Light. We know that a lot of you do take care of the Earth and for this we thank you. We also know that not everyone is at war and we respect this. Please teach others how to live peacefully upon our planet and show them ways of reducing waste, so that our Mother is not burdened any more than she is now. She feels the pressure of everything that we put on to her, so please take care of her needs, just as she takes care of yours. As Mother and Son and Mother and Daughter rest carefully against each other, you too should be careful with your Earth Mother. She does everything for you and asks nothing in return, except that you keep her clean and look after each other with love and gentleness. Go now, beautiful Eco Warriors and show the world just how it should be done. We ask this with love and gratitude and we send you many blessings today. We are sorry if our post sounds harsh to some, but we can see the bigger picture and we see what gets done to the Earth daily. Worry not though, for over time, our Earth will rise again and as she does so, she will be free. Please look after her, just as you would your own Mother. Ways you can do this are: recycle more, do gentle gardening, send love and healing to the Earth, clean up your beaches and streets, stop using harsh chemicals on your body and the Earth, come to peaceful agreements rather than wars that hammer the Earth, and of course, eat healthier so that there are not as many wrappers, bottles and packaging used. Go organic and grow your own vegetables and this will save you money too. Go green lovely ones! We wish you farewell and we hope you enjoyed our message.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 15th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Archangel Michael: “Greetings! The energies have changed so much lately and much has been lifted from the Earth planes, in preparation for her ascension. We thank you greatly for all that you do for the Earth, for you have helped her greatly and now she is sitting stable, awaiting her glory. As she was releasing many burdens from her back, so too were you and you may have noticed that you were experiencing a whole range of mood swings and energy dips and slides. Know that this time has passed now and the coming few months are all about renewing your energies and moving into a time of joy, rather than pain. Mother Earth has birthed once again and this has been a trying time for her, as well as for all of you. After pain comes delight, so enjoy the coming weeks where you should feel enlightened and less burdened. Good times are coming dear ones, so it is a time to celebrate your true existence and rejoice in all that life holds. If you are still feeling weary, call on me to cleanse and protect your energies, so that you too can move onto higher and brighter times. Many lightworkers have felt disconnected lately as the lower energies were being released. Some felt overwhelmed and found it hard to just get through the day. Know that this was due to most of you helping Mother Earth with her deep clearing, for you agreed to shoulder the burdens for her and release them to the light, so that they could be transmuted into light. If she had to do this by herself, there would be much more worldwide catastrophes and earth disturbances and there is enough already, without there having to be even more. So, glorious ones, we thank you for your assistance and know that you have done a great job! Now it is time to celebrate the burden that has been lifted and focus on yourself once more. Be sure to take care of yourselves and treat yourself to something that will uplift and comfort you. As you all recover from the past waves of confusion and difficulty, it is important to look after yourselves and ensure your health at all times. As you heal yourself you are then more able to help others. So go now, precious ones and go inwards to release all that you do not need or anything that you are holding onto that is not yours. Once you have done this, you will feel so much brighter and rejuvenated. Ask us to help you and we will hold you in our wings until you can release no more. Release the burdens and release the pain; then joy will be yours. Good times are coming, dear ones, so do not worry! Always live in the higher love and as you do so, only love will prevail. I am with you all and I send you my deepest love and best wishes for a most fruitful day.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 14th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Lord Melchizedek: “Blessings dear Ones, I have come here today to spread a message of peace and joy. As you know, we are coming into a great time of transition on the Earth plane and with this comes many changes and upheavals. We know that many of you are going through a very tough time right now and we acknowledge this. It is important to stay grounded and centred during this time and to be strong amongst all this adversity. You do have it in you, each and every one of you, to be resilient and strong. You all have our help of course too, so never be afraid to ask us to come to you. You are never alone and all matters deserve attention. All prayers are always answered, even if not always the way that you had hoped. It will always be for your highest good. God hears all of your prayers and we help to answer them. We are God’s workers if you like, just like you are. If you are in need of assistance, please do ask or if you do not feel comfortable asking us, ask someone around you on a physical level, such as a doctor, family member or anyone you can trust. It is important to get that help now, rather than waiting until a later date.”

“Many Angels surround you all, especially the great Archangel Michael, who I work with closely. He is with many of you, helping you along your spiritual path. Another Angel who works closely with the Earth plane is Archangel Raphael and he has many strings to his bow. All Angels are highly trained and are only willing to take your call. All you have to do is ask out loud or inside your head for assistance and they will hear you and take appropriate action. Here is a little exercise for you to try: Call on your Guardian Angel to be by your side right now. Say “Dear Guardian Angel, please be with me and help me to be aware of your energy.” Then notice how you feel. You may feel a tingling around you, heat or cold or just a feeling of knowing that they are with you. Ask them now to make this energy stronger and see what happens. Acknowledge them even if you do not feel this energy. Just know that they are there with you to support you. If you do feel them with you, then this is great. Take time each day to develop a bond with them and this will bring you so much joy.”

"I go now Beloveds but know that I am here and I will help you to be strong. Call my name and I shall be there. With all my love and strength, Lord Melchizedek.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 9th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Mother Mary: “Greetings beloved souls, I have been working closely with a lot of people on our dear Earth recently and I am honoured and delighted that so many of you have been wanting to connect with me; much more than normal, which is wonderful. I would like to thank all those beautiful beings who have been working with me, as it has allowed me to come even closer to the earth and to help in many more ways than before. I am always here, but sometimes the lower energies from earth can weigh me down so I only come for short periods of time in my full body. Now that more people are opening up to my energies and letting go of fears from the past, I am able to manifest more fully for longer periods of time. This allows me to do my work on a deeper level and I am then able to help more people. Please continue to work with me if you feel guided to and if you have never consciously worked with me before, then please call on me for help and assistance, especially with matters to do with the heart. I will be there in an instant and I graciously offer my love to each and every one of you who read this message. Come with me and I will take you on a journey of the heart, to delve and dive deep within the waters that exist there. I will help you to lessen the pain you feel when you are grieving and I will help you to release the muddy waters of the past. It is time to move on now, beloveds and move to a new and brighter place. Let your heart sing with joy and love and let it expand to encompass your very soul and true being. You are loved, dearest ones! Never forget this. I wish you well and bid you farewell but this is not the last you will hear me, for I shall be back with many messages in the coming times. Go now, wonderful ones and spread your light, for the world needs you at this time. Continue your prayers for they do help and God does hear every single one of them. Many blessings are bestowed upon you now, dear ones, as you go about your daily business. Bask in the love that is there for all and know that you deserve to be happy and abundant. You are worth it and all is well.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 8th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥ Doreen Virtue has some new Mary, Queen of Angels Oracle Cards out if anyone is interested. I got them the other day and they have amazing energies:

*Message of the Day* from Quan Yin: “Good morning beautiful ones, it is such a lovely day and one to be celebrated as we move into a new beginning, especially with the American election results having been announced not that long ago. You have chosen well, dearest ones and a new and better time will abound. Although it may take a while to see these new positive changes that will come, they will come and they will be celebrated. The people must have their say and this they have done graciously. The re-election process has sparked interest from all over the world and it has reawakened many to stand up for what they believe in. This resurge of interest will make for greater change and people will push forwards now towards their dreams. Much is coming beautiful souls; many changes for the better. As these changes come, old patterns and beliefs will fall away, so prepare for letting go of the old, so that the new can enter gracefully.”

“You are loved, dearest precious souls, so never worry; you are never alone. You always have your own spiritual team with you at all times of the day, who you can call on for help and assistance. For those who have lost their loved ones recently, know that they are safe and well and that they watch over you from above. They are never alone either, for they too, have their soul family with them always. Together you still have a close bond, for in reality there is no separation. You are still together in many ways and during sleep time, you do visit them in their spiritual home, just like they visit you in your earthly home. Be well, precious beloveds. I send you much love from my heart to yours, today and always.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 7th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from my guide White Feather: “As time goes on, many of you will feel guided towards a healthier lifestyle, however, this can be hard to do at times, especially with all the sugary temptations that are around most of you at this time. Know that it is ok to have a treat now and then; you do not need to deny yourself, however, it is important that the proportion of your meals are healthy and substantial for your physical body to live on. Know that the best foods for you to eat are water based, such as fruits and vegetables, as these contain the perfect balance of nutrients you need to get through the day. There are other foods that are very healthful too, of course, but these are the main foods you should be consuming regularly, with smaller amounts of everything else. It is important for you to eat healthily so that you can be energised and full of life, for this planet that you live on can be very dense and much negativity surrounds most of you from televisions, radios and other electrical items that are very draining indeed. When you eat fruits and vegetables, these help to protect you and they make your skin glow too. So the next time you wish to reach for a sugary snack and you have already had one too many, have a rethink and pick up a piece of fruit instead. You will be glad that you did and your body will thank you for it. Know that we are always here in the spiritual realms to assist with food intake and healthy living, so call on us at any time and we will be available to help. If you have cravings that you cannot overcome by yourself, then please seek out an appropriate health professional who can assist you and put you on a plan that you can follow easily. We all send you much encouragement and support at this time, so open up and accept this help and love that we send to you always. With respect, White Feather.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 5th November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from St Germain: “Greetings, precious ones! On this fine day, I am here to bring you a message of hope and joy. Although many people are feeling rather tired at the moment, know that behind the scenes there is much lightwork going on and the power of all of you put together is making a difference in the world. Your light is truly helping and assisting us to do our jobs and you make our work so much easier. Although it may seem to you that you ask us for help a lot, this is true, but you all help us immensely too, so there is a nice balance. Never feel bad for asking us for help, for that is what we are here for and we love to help and assist as much as we can. We are always here in loving service to you and we do our best to help our dear Mother Earth. Our mission, and yours too is to be a light in the darkness of this planet, to help with the ascension of the planet, as well as your own ascension phases. You are all doing a wonderful job, so keep up the good work and if you feel that you need a day off to rest and recuperate, then take it. It is best if you are feeling healthy to do this work, although that is not to say that you cannot do it if you are feeling ill. But you must look after yourself and take some time out just for you, so that you can focus on yourself for a while and give yourself the healing that you truly need. Don’t forget to ask us for help with your personal healing, for we are always here for you all at all times of the day. Help each other too and come together with like-minded souls, so that you can all move on in your groups towards the light. Know that as you do so, you will attract more and more people who will resonate with you and your energies and you will then be even more powerful together, bringing more light to each other and to the earth. You are loved beyond measure and always in our hearts. We treasure you, so keep going and fill this world with your loving light. You are truly powerful in many ways, dear ones!” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 1st November 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Quan Yin: “Beautiful ones, you have all grown so much recently as time is speeding up and your ascension has been accelerated. This can be overwhelming for some who may feel stuck and not able to move on. Know that this time is temporary and that things will settle down soon. As Mother Earth speeds up her cleansing, she is letting go of all that she no longer needs, such as old heavy energies that were weighing her down. You too, should do the same, and let go of all that is heavy in your life. On this day of Halloween, it is a good time to let go of old hurts and pains, letting go of old energies, so that new higher energies can come in. If you are feeling stuck, know that this will pass soon as you let go of your fears and worries about moving onto a brighter future. It is time to relax and surrender to the light for it only serves your higher purpose. Be sure to stay healthy during this time of great change and take better care of yourselves. Although times may be challenging, know that your spiritual family are around you always and they will help you if you ask them. They can only do so much to help you though; you have to make the first moves in improving your life for the better. What are you waiting for, beloveds? It is time for you to move forwards now and accept all the abundance that is there for you. No more holding back and worrying about this or that. Go boldly forth and be who you wish to be, for no-one else can do it for you. Only you can change your life and we shall assist where possible. I wish you a most blessed day of light and I send you love deep from within my heart. Always yours in service, your Mother, Quan Yin.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 31st October 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Archangel Michael: "Ah, Beloveds, I feel your pain, yet I cannot do anything about it unless you ask me to come in and help you. If you are feeling burdened, please call on me to assist and I will be there with you in an instant, to help ease your pain and offer you a helping hand. Although I am always busy, I can be with everyone simultaneously, so please do not worry about asking me for help. I can be with anyone who helps, at any time. I work in Service to our Creator and this is my job, which I love and I am truly thankful to be in service, especially at a time such as this. I offer my own prayers and loving thoughts to all who are going through a tough time right now. Know that it is temporary and that your pains and burdens will be lifted soon. Only you can do this, so take that first step in moving forwards and releasing all that does not serve you. Take a deep breath and affirm “I now release all that no longer serves my needs and purpose. I am willing to surrender this to my Creator and the Angelic realms to be transmuted into joy. I now accept my Divine purpose and I move forward on my path at the speed of light. I am worthy of all help that is given to me at this time. I am love and I live in love and in joy.” Now see yourself releasing with each breath all that you no longer need. Let it go to the heavens to be transmuted to love. See a beautiful rose pink light around you and let it wash over you, bringing you love, joy and healing, to soothe your body and mind. This light comes from your inner child. It is you giving yourself a hug. Accept this love and use it whenever you wish, to get yourself back into balance again. Know that I am with you as you read this message and if you need any further healing or advice, then please ask me and I shall be by your side for as long as you wish. I go now but I watch over this page with love and I bless all who come here looking for help and assistance. Open yourself to this love and see how your path changes for the better. Always in your loving service, Archangel Michael and the Legions of Light.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 30th October 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Lord Merlin: "Greetings on this fine day. It is my pleasure to be here today to give a message that will help those who frequent this page. You are all going through a time of great change and upheaval and this is leaving you tired, dear ones. Please be sure to get enough sleep at night, as this is when you do most of your work and it is important for you to be fit and well to continue your lightworker duties. In your awake state, you are being bombarded with many energies daily and these can affect your moods, causing mood swings and irritability. It is important for you to eat well, including colourful fruit and vegetables in your diet, so that you have the energy to heal and clear yourself of any toxins you encounter. We also note that most of you are not drinking enough water, so this is something for you to take time out to do. You are happy to be drinking sweet carbonated drinks, but these are not good for your health if taken daily in such a large consumption. The odd drink of this type of fluid is fine, as your body can remove this waste, but if you drink too much of it, then your body can get into trouble and become dehydrated. I would like to set you all a little task to improve one thing in your diet and then see how you feel having made this change. Making this one little change can lead to greater things. Keep up the good work beautiful ones, as you are all doing a wonderful job in regards to spreading the light of Source and teaching others how to heal themselves. I will share more in further messages but for now I wish you a good day.” - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 29th October 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Message of the Day* from Goddess Isis: "Greetings, beloveds. It is lovely to see you all gathering more fully now in your lightworker groups. Many lightworkers are coming together at this time to send love and light to each other and to the Earth planes. Know that your work is helping greatly and no matter how small you think your contribution is, it all adds up and it is helping in many ways that you cannot see yet. Although your news media prefer to spread darkness, know that this is not all that is happening in the world. There are many light news stories too but they are not documented. Please continue to share your light, especially on media like this. As you do so, you will attract others who are like you and together you will make a difference. It is important in these times to come together in groups, so let go of any past conflict with your friends and move on together in new ways that will benefit you all. I am with you all as you walk this path, so call on me at any time and I shall be there with you in an instant. I send my love always and forever more." - Channelled by Catherine Robson on the 28th October 2012 - please share if you feel guided to. ♥

*Spotlight On*: Doreen Virtue's Oracle Cards (written by Doreen Virtue):

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HEALING WITH THE ANGELS ORACLE CARDS – Good for beginners to oracle cards.

HEALING WITH THE FAIRIES ORACLE CARDS - This deck helps those who feel stuck, and those who need to empower themselves, leave toxic situations or relationships, and increase their self-esteem.

MESSAGES FROM YOUR ANGELS ORACLE CARDS – Contains a long message on the card, as well as the name of each angel. Good for helping people to know the names of their angels.

MAGICAL MERMAIDS AND DOLPHINS ORACLE CARDS – Good for questions re: manifestation and healing blocks to abundance.

ARCHANGEL ORACLE CARDS – Helps you to get to know each archangel and their specialty. Good for helping people to know the names of their angels.

GODDESS GUIDANCE ORACLE CARDS – A confrontive deck for those who want the blunt truth about their situation. Helps in learning multi-cultural feminine deities.

MAGICAL UNICORNS ORACLE CARDS – A deck for children, with words and situations that kids can relate to (dealing with homework, siblings, bullies, chores, etc.).

DAILY GUIDANCE FROM YOUR ANGELS ORACLE CARDS – The easiest deck to use, as long messages are on each card. Wonderful for beginners to angel cards.

SAINTS & ANGELS ORACLE CARDS – Wonderful cards for those who love saints and guardian angels.

ASCENDED MASTERS ORACLE CARDS – A deck for those who follow a non-traditional path, this deck contains deities from Buddhism, Hinduism, Celtic, and other cultures and religions, as well as Jesus, Mother Mary, and Archangel Michael.

MAGICAL MESSAGES FROM THE FAIRIES ORACLE CARDS – A wonderful deck for questions regarding manifestation.

ANGEL THERAPY® ORACLE CARDS – A teaching tool to learn the steps to spiritual healing with the archangels and angels.

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL ORACLE CARDS – A card deck for those who work closely with Archangel Michael, and those who desire his guidance for empowerment and making positive life changes.

ARCHANGEL RAPHAEL HEALING ORACLE CARDS – A deck devoted to the topic of physical healing.

LIFE PURPOSE ORACLE CARDS – A great deck to use for questions related to career and life purpose.

THE ROMANCE ANGELS ORACLE CARDS – This deck is primarily for relationship questions (for single and partnered clients), and it can also answer general life questions.

ANGEL TAROT CARDS (with Radleigh Valentine and Steve A. Roberts) – Based upon traditional 78-card tarot, this deck is 100% gentle. It gives very detailed answers to highly-sensitive people.

ANGEL DREAMS ORACLE CARDS (with Melissa Virtue) – A deck for interpreting your dreams, and also for setting healing and divination dreams into motion.

MARY, QUEEN OF ANGELS ORACLE CARDS – An entire deck devoted to the qualities of Mother Mary, with affirmations to follow her loving and powerful example.

INDIGO ANGEL ORACLE CARDS (with Charles Virtue) – A deck made by an Indigo (Charles) for Indigos and their loved ones.

FLOWER THERAPY ORACLE CARDS (with Robert Reeves) – Messages from the flowers, suitable for all questions. Each card contains a gorgeous flower photo.

TALKING TO HEAVEN MEDIUMSHIP ORACLE CARDS (with James Van Praagh) – Cards to help you and your clients to receive messages and interpret signs from departed loved ones.

ARCHANGEL POWER TAROT CARDS (with Radleigh Valentine) – A 78-card gentle tarot deck with every card devoted to angels and archangels, designed to help empower you and your client with motivation for a plan of action.

GUARDIAN ANGEL TAROT CARDS (with Radleigh Valentine) – Our “teddy bear cards” feature 78 cards with soft pastel colors and extremely gentle soft feminine images and words, for those who are intimidated by tarot cards.

Word Vegan Day - November 1st

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Happy 1st November everyone :-) Today is World Vegan Day and here's a link to the website of The Vegan Society in the UK if anyone is interested :-) Hope you all have a great day xxx

Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain

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Happy Halloween/Blessed Samhain! Samhain (pronounced "sow-en") is the old Celtic new year, sometimes called the Witch's New Year. The old year has passed, the harvest has been gathered, cattle and sheep have been brought in from the fields and the leaves have fallen from the trees. This is a good time for us to let go of the old and bring in the new in our lives. If you have anything from the past year that is unresolved, then try and resolve it and gather up loose ends, so that you can begin looking towards the next year. Samhain is a time for honouring those who have crossed over into the spirit world. It’s a perfect time to celebrate their memory and a good time to connect with them for protection and guidance for the upcoming year. This is the time when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is thin, so it's the perfect time of year to make these connections. Whether you are celebrating Halloween or Samhain, or both (or none), I wish you a blessed day. I will be going out trick or treating with my 4 children tonight and I also plan on doing a Samhain meditation too. I hope you enjoy whatever you have planned too. Love Catherine xxx