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Rainforest Reiki Distance Course


In the manual for this lovely system, you will be given information about the rainforests, animal totems, different types of animal totems, animal symbology, animal totem meditations, intuitive healing and the attunement process.

You will be attuned to the following animal energies:

  • Bear - Strength, Self-Preservation, Wisdom
  • Butterfly - Balance, Transformation, Grace
  • Deer - Peace, Sensitivity, Gentleness
  • Eagle - Potency, Freedom, Illumination
  • Fox - Cleverness, Discretion, Cunning
  • Frog - Healing, Peaceful Change, Adaptability
  • Hawk - Truth, Awareness, Perceptiveness
  • Horse - Freedom, Strength, Movement
  • Lion - Pride, Leadership, Courage
  • Lizard - Letting Go, Self-Protection
  • Owl - Vision, Wisdom, Insight
  • Raven - The Unknown, Otherworld Travel
  • Fish - Love, Fertility, Victory over death, Healing, Prophesy, Abundance, Wealth, Harmony, Regeneration
  • Snake - Sexual Potency, Life Force, Prophesy
  • Tiger - Royalty, Fearlessness, Authority, Warrior
  • Turtle - Protection, Healing, Knowledge
  • Wolf - Teaching skill, Loyalty, Co-operation
  • Monkey - Creativity, Imagination, Inspiration
  • Gorilla - Powerful, Wise, Inner sadness and Emotional self, represents those who keep peace through agression
  • Dove  - New Beginnings, Spirituality, Emotions

 Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the energy for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others.

Y ou will receive:  1 e-mailed manual (22 pages), 1 distance attunement, an e-mailed certificate and my full support by e-mail before, during and after your course.

The Founder of this system is : Violet Paille

Is this a Healing System or Empowerment?  Empowerment

Are there any Prerequisites? No

What is the approximate length of  the attunement?   20-30 minutes.

Case Studies: If you wish, you can complete case studies for this course. If you do wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY, which mentions that you have completed case studies. If you do not wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTUNEMENT. Please let me know whether you would like to complete case studies or not by using the drop down menu below. 

For more information, please visit my About Angelic Light Courses page.

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