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Lemurian Distance Course Package (On Sale, Save £40)


In this package you will be attuned to the following 8 courses:

~ Lemurian Facilitator

~ Lemurian Seed Crystals 1

~ Lemurian Seed Crystals 2

~ Lemurian Seed Crystals 3

~ Lemurian Seed Crystals 4

~ New Lemurian Energy

~ Light of Lemuria

~ Lightworker Telos Empowerment

These are all fantastic systems that will help you connect to the Lemurian Energies, energies that you possibly have already worked with in many past lives. If you are attracted to Atlantean work, you will more than likely be attracted to Lemurian work too.

Lemurian Facilitator - in the manual for this course you will be shown how to facilitate the Lemurian Temple Initiation, the Dimensional Resonance Activation, the Dimensional Resonance Alignment and all other types of Lemurian Empowerments.

Lemurian Seed Crystals 1-4 - What are Seed Crystals? The Lemurian Priests were able to set up a bounding to the Seed Crystals. Lemurian Seed crystals where used to build bridges and Homes as well as heat water. Some of the Crystals were also used as tools, others were used to help in spiritual healing work and others was used in the dissolution of Karmic strands and are still today important for people who have had a former lemurian incarnation with some karmic lemurian bounds. The beautiful colourful symbols used in these systems have the spiritual essence of some of theses crystals and you can use these energies during healing sessions and meditations to enhance your work. The Lemurian Priests say "These symbols are to be used in meditation and healing to help the development of the lightbody and for unifying the soul. Use them with physical crystals or without them. Discover their possibilitys and work woth them. Grow with them! We will stand at your side and support you appropriately."

New Lemurian Energy - How does the New Lemurian Energy work? The New Lemurian Energy is a mixture of "old" and "new" energy. Serapis Bay, called the egyptian, is the guardian of this new Energy. He is an incarnated angel. His cooperation with the people started at Lemurian times to give them a better understanding of self-love again. He is mediator between the worlds and therefore also your different incarnations and he can lead you to the gate of advancement. In the manual you will be shown how to receive this new energy from Serapis Bay if you are ready for it. You will also be able to receive the Blue Crystal from him if you are ready.

Light of Lemuria - By the founder: "The Light of Lemuria attunement connects you to the Lemurians and strengthens any already existing connections. This is an empowerment system that helps develop and enhance psychic abilities and it helps bring forth the hidden memories of the distant past in which the Lemurian and Atlantian cultures existed. You may have been a part of this culture in a past life, and if so, you may feel the echo of truth in the information contained in the manual. For the distant memories that have been hidden for so long will begin to surface, teaching you the way of light, love, and empowerment. Look beyond this lifetime. Look to the past, and then to the future, because it is now that you can make a difference for tomorrow.  The Light of Lemura manual covers a bit of Lemurian history, gives information about the Cave of Initiation, the Crystal City, seed crystals, interdimesions—or alternate realities or timelines, healing, telepathy, colors associated with the Lemurians, and What the Lemurians Want You to Know. The Lemurians offer peace, love, wisdom and great healing to you. They have assured me that it is time for this information to be brought forth, time for Humanity to know and ascend.

Lightworker Telos Empowerment  - By the founder: "Telos is an ancient Lemurian city that exists right beneath Mount Shasta. It's a real city in the physical realm, with over 1 million inhabitants that are living in peace and prosperity. The city of Telos has a very special frequency of love. This energy is very beneficial in healing sessions.  With the Telos Healing System, 5 programmed stones are used and placed in a special "grid" on and around a person. The stones will automatically connect to each other and start broadcasting the love frequency to the body.  This is very relaxing and often results in healing on a deep level. A session normally takes 10-15 minutes.  The system is very easy to learn and perform.  You learn how to:

• Make and use the 5 Telos healing stones on people

• Distance healing

• Healing for specific situations

• Set up a love grid in rooms.

• Make and use a special water treatment plate

• Infuse water with the frequency of love

• Pass on the Telos Healing System Empowerment."

Once you have been attuned to these systems, you will be able to use the energies for healing yourself and others. You will also be able to pass these attunements on to others.

You will receive:  11 e-mailed manuals (8 small course manuals and 3 supplement manuals), 8 distance attunements, 3 e-mailed certificates and my full support by e-mail before, during and after your courses.

The approximate length of each attunement is:  15-30 minutes. It is advised to leave around 2-3 days in between each attunement, to give yourself time to get used to the energies.

The Founders of these systems are:

Lemurian Facilitator - Linda Vaughan

Lemurian Seed Crystals 1-4 - Carola Hundt & Angela Grötsch

New Lemurian Energy - Sabine van Tellingen

Light of Lemuria - Linda Colibert

Lightworker Telos Empowerment - Ole Gabrielsen 


Lemurian Facilitator - No Prerequisites

Lemurian Seed Crystals 1 - Lemurian Facilitator

Lemurian Seed Crystals 2 - Lemurian Facilitator and Lemurian Seed Crystals 1

Lemurian Seed Crystals 3 - Lemurian Facilitator and Lemurian Seed Crystals 1 and 2

Lemurian Seed Crystals 4 - Lemurian Facilitator and Lemurian Seed Crystals 1-3

New Lemurian Energy - Lemurian Facilitator and Lemurian Seed Crystals 1-4

Light of Lemuria - No Prerequisites

Lightworker Telos Empowerment - No Prerequisites

Case Studies: If you wish, you can complete case studies for these courses. If you do wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY for each course, which mentions that you have completed case studies. If you do not wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTUNEMENT for each course. Please let me know whether you would like to complete case studies or not by using the drop down menu below.

Pricing Details:  Please note, The New Lemurian Energy course if purchased on its own would have a fee of 75 Euros, as suggested by the founder.  This is included in the cost of the course package.

For more information, please visit my About Angelic Light Courses  page.

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