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49 Angelic Symbols Distance Course


The beautiful angel symbols given in this attunement are a gift from the angels.  They can clear blockages, activate and energise our chakras and aura, raise our energy frequency, be used in self healing and in the healing of others as well as helping you connect to the angels that go with each symbol. 

You can use the symbols on different parts of the body, in the chakras and aura, during meditation, on window panes, in essential oils, medicines, food etc.. this will energise and cleanse your space and your belongings.

The symbols come direct from the world of the angels.  They are protected energetically and they are self cleansing.  All 49 angel symbols are displayed in colour in the manual.

The beautiful disc shaped symbols are as follows:

1 - Angel for Belief and Trust

2 - Angel for Love and Self Love

3 - Angel for Rest and Ease

4 - Angel for Cleanness and Clearness

5 - Angel for By Virtue of and Strength

6 - Angel for Change and Conversion

7 - Angel for Optimism and Beauty

8 - Angel for Direction and Purpose

9 - Angel for Selfvalue and Assurance

10 - Angel for Maturity and Wisdom

11 - Angel for Security

12 - Angel for Creativity and Self printout

13 - Angel for Decision and Re-orientation

14 - Angel for Love and Unconditional Nature

15 - Angel for Light and Reality

16 - Angel for Creative Wisdom

17 - Angel for Prosperity and Fullness

18 - Angel for Sense of Responsibility

19 - Angel for Spiritual Awakening

20 - Angel for Love and Relations

21 - Angel for Perserverance and Fulfilment

22 - Angel for Consequence and Order

23 - Angel for Knowledge and Accepting

24 - Angel for Returning Thoughts and Solutions

25 - Angel for Spiritual Strength and Conversion

26 - Angel for Renewal and Development

27 - Angel for Death and Rebirth

28 - Angel for Patience

29 - Angel for Material Affairs

30 - Angel for Courage and Perserverance

31 - Angel for Co-humanity

32 - Angel for Freeing from Dependence

33 - Angel for the Creative Word

34 - Angel for Old Knowledge

35 - Angel for Energy and Success

36 - Angel for Let Go

37 - Angel for All Love

38 - Angel for Cirque Story Solution

39 - Angel for Mercy

40 - Angel for Divine Strength

41 - Angel for Divine Wisdom

42 - Archangel Michael

43 - Archangel Jophiel

44 - Archangel Chamuel

45 - Archangel Gabriel

46 - Archangel Raphael

47 - Archangel Uriel

48 - Archangel Zadkiel

49 - Archangel Metatron

Once you have been attuned to this system, you will be able to use the energies of the symbols for yourself and others. You will also be able to pass this attunement on to others. 

You will receive:  1 e-mailed manual (10 pages), 1 distance attunement, an e-mailed certificate and my full support by e-mail before, during and after your course. 

The Founder of the system is:  Cherryl Gothelf

Is this a Healing System or Empowerment? Empowerment but the symbols can be used during healing sessions.

Prerequisites:  None

Approximate length of the attunement:  20-30 minutes

Case Studies: If you wish, you can complete case studies for this course. If you do wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF MASTERY, which mentions that you have completed case studies. If you do not wish to complete case studies, you will receive a CERTIFICATE OF ATTUNEMENT. Please let me know whether you would like to complete case studies or not by using the drop down menu above.

For more information, please visit my About Angelic Light Courses page.

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