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Here are the testimonials I have received from my customers over the years.  If you have received a Reading, Healing Session, Therapy Session, Attunement Course or Magickal Light Creation from me, I would be very grateful if you can e-mail me a testimonial so that I can add it to this page - many thanks!

Love, Catherine xxxx

Divine Guidance Reading and Animal Guide Reading - "WOW" - What can I say "Impressed Much " I had been through a tough time lately and was in a bit of hibernation but also felt I was sitting at a crossroads. Some of the reading I know by intuition with how I was going through the motions , but thanks to the readings I now understand where I am and where spirit is leading me. Thank you Catherine for your work. Love and Light to all.

Bill Wilson

Brother Lightworker

Hi, must admit I was a little dubious about the Auric Flush, but I had wonderful experiences during the attunement. When I did self-healing and sent it to someone else, we could both collaborate our experiences, which is amazing, and proved to me that it really does work!! You have a lovely energy and are an amazing teacher. Thank you x

Bill Wilson

Brother Lightworker

WOW! I had the most amazing reading from Catherine! What a talented lady she is, I will definitely be back for more. Many thanks Catherine. Go on, treat yourself, you won't regret it.

Muriel Alicia

Animal Communication Reading: I recently received an Animal Communication reading from Catherine. The only information she had about my two donkeys and one of my dogs were their names and their photographs, yet I have to say that I was amazed by how accurately their personalities came through with her! She described each of them so incredibly well. This left me with no doubt that they were doing the talking, and so I was able to pay attention to the insights that she passed to me, which were both helpful and thought provoking. I would have no hesitation in asking her to do more of these readings for me, and I know that I would find them useful. Thank you Catherine!

Deborah Moran

Oceanic Energy Reading: "Wow! Thank you so much Catherine, I love this reading and it resonates completely as I have been on a path of manifestation and have been waiting for guidance on the next step. I love the Mermaid guide and the connections she shared and my eyes are green/blue depending on what I wear. Thank you so much again Catherine, I absolutely love this reading!"


Animal Guide Reading: "Thank you sooooooo much Catherine! Just read my reading and I love it! It all rings true, thank you so much for tuning in and channeling these wonderful messages for me. You are wonderful, thank you :) xxx (And thank you Jasper the Snake too! Feel guided to go and find my Rainforest Jasper crystal to connect with him further, now and in the future)". x

Bella Reed

Angel & Ascension Reading: "Absolutely loved my detailed reading. Big grins all round after the initial..."are they talking about me? Am I worthy of this?".......thank you so much, you really have helped me to start smiling again xxx"

Kate Johnson

Divine Guidance Reading: "WOW! My god what a talented reader you are! Thank you Catherine from the bottom of my heart, this reading has been such a tremendous help. I will definitely be coming back to you in the future for any guidance and help."


Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Thank you, again! It was the perfect timing for me, I had just prayed as I read your lovely gift. .. At the beginning, I "heard" the sound of water and I saw dolphins. I felt also Light and a soft vibrating Energy. Now I feel totally refreshed and very well. Blessed be"

Carmela Schiavone

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Yes i enjoyed it very well today. Went into deep relaxing and meditation there i laid at my accupuncture's bench. I was somethere im unsure where was (but guess must have been other dimensions), someone hold my hand and another i sensed work on heart chacra, while a 3rd kittle and work on my troat chacra. It was deep peace and love. I know this attune combined with the accupuncture neals has healed me. Blessings and deep gratitude to you."

Alva Fireheart

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Thank you so much Catherine! The energies were amazing and I went to so many places with the Dolphins in past lives and sharing information with them! Super excited to share the energies, they are beautiful"

Kayla Yetman

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "wonderful attunement I had thank you"

Gagliardi Franca

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "wonderful attunement I had thank you"

Gagliardi Franca

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "That was an amazing attunement Catherine. I can't wait to start offering it to others. Thank you"

Tracey Wickham

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Thankyou i felt the Ocean and the dolphins it was beautiful energy xx"

Marcia Cerri

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Beautiful Thanks Hun xx"

Louise Reason

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "An amazing attunment, thank you"

Jeannette Townshead

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Hi Catherine, thank you so much, there was an amazing energy while receiving this, so calming and peaceful xx"

Gemma O'Toole

Dolphins of Atlantis Attunement: "Thank you. Loved recieving. Left me feeing headachy. But has cleared now. Xxxx"

Natasha Jane

Quan Yin's Lavender Flame Healing: "Loved it i felt the energies slowly moving down my body and felt a ball of Lavender around me thankyou Catherine x"

Marcia Cerri

I love your website I just joined up as a member, thank you for the free distant healing session, I used the Chi ball, I then did the free Dolphin Attunement, was lovely energy and I felt so peaceful and a lot of tingling in my crown area , many thanks xx Monica xx


Angel & Ascension Reading: Amazing amazing amazing Angel & Ascension Reading Catherine. Thank you so so much. It was beautiful and spot on and has made a difference to me already, regarding my question I asked you. You are awesome. Lots of love xxx:-

Lisa Murray

Angel & Ascension Reading: "What a perfect reading for me... Spot On... Many thanks, it was such a thrill to Win This."


Animal Guide Reading: "Thank you so much, I love it, Rosie, what a cute and lovely name for a wolf! That's the positve boost of energy I needed on this again so cold day. Thank you for being such a warm and bright light Catherine! :-)"


Nature Spirit Reading: "Thank u sooo much, much needed encouragement." x


Colour Reading: "Thank you sooo much Catherine, I didn't know what to expect when I chose this reading, but it really resonates with me, especially about expressing myself and I have been in denial about my heart being broken, lol, but I am getting much better, thank you again, love and blessings."


Spirit Reading (Mediumship): "Thanks Catherine for the most touching readings i have received through your offer. My tears were literally dripping down my face with joy and comfort. I feel more at peace now and looking fwd to the future" xx

Tracy Kelly

Nature Spirit Reading: "OMG!! Catherine, thank you so much for bringing me this reading. It has brought tears to my eyes, but I rejoice in it's beautiful uplifting message to me. I recently did a Unicorn attunement and my Unicorn I connected with was bathed in yellow! Obviously a meaningful colour for me. I look forward to connecting with Senga again. Thank you so much" xxx


Crystal Therapy Distance Session - "I would highly recommend this, the energies are calm and relaxing yet very powerful and cleansing. I felt very light, uplifted and supported after and the next day I was full of energy and in a joyful and serene mood. I would say if you are questioning this; no hesitation necessary. Much love and Blessings to all!!!!!!!!!"

Anna Domotor

Hi Catherine, hope all is well with you family and all that follow your page. I just want to say thank you for all the love you give and all the lessons. It truly comes from the heart and how bless I am we all are that you are in our lives. God bless you your family and all in your page.


Oh WoW! Catherine I love the opportunity to enjoy and integrate the beautiful messages you receive through your readings and connecting with our guides, an inspirational and live changing way for all to receive what we need to know to work on ourselves, and also get praise for our hard work. You provide the messages it is up to us to take what resonates and work on it. And my oh my through your unique and wonderful way of communication receiving confirmaiton and validation and inspiration is always a treat every time. I ordered 2 of your specials and would recommend this everyone. Anyone thinking of trying these out I can attest to the professional and amazing way you will receive your reading, you will not be disappointed, but you will be transformed forever. Much love to you beautiful Catherine, love your work and your gift to humanity. xooxo

Anna Domotor

I received a 'Mini Golden Atlantis Reading' from Catherine and it was amazing. I was given guidance on the path I am going down at the moment which really touched my heart and has given me the encouragement I needed to continue. It was great to hear I am heading in the right direction. My only regret is that I only purchased a mini reading, next time I will definitely be treating myself to a bigger one. Thank you so much, Louise xx

Louise Tassiker

I would like to thank catherine of angelic light. a big thank u for my spirit reading, it was so spot on and i really enjoyed reading it, you were so true with my family in spirit and everythink i could relate to thank u so much hunni xxxxx

Georgina Moore

Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much Catherine for my beautiful Atlantis Forever necklace. The energies are amazing and I felt the effects immediately when wearing them. Not only did I feel my crown chakra open further but also my heart expand and a sense of calmness and peace wash over me. I can't wait to work with the amazing energies of this necklace more and know it will bring a lot of aid to me in my life as well. I can just feel the love radiating from this piece and look forward to wearing it very often! Thank you and big hugs Catherine for this magical creation!"

Kayla Yetman of Indigo Insights with Kayla Yetman

I've just received a bracelet from Catherine and it is beautiful. Perfect fit, and amazingly powerful energies. Thank you Catherine.

Jay Burrell

"Hi Catherine just wanted to let you know i have got my necklace and phone charm love them too thankyou for making them for me. Pam xxx"


"Hi Catherine my Bracelet and earrings came today and they are beautiful .but i new they would be i put them on as soon as i opened them thankyou will let you know when my necklace and phone charm come one very happy girl .xxxx"


"hi Catherine i just wanted to say i love my earrings and cell phone charm i recieved them yesterday thank you so much ox"


OMG. WOW. I have just received the most gorgeous stunning parcel from Angelic Light. Thank you so much Catherine. My 'babies' have blown me away hun (brought tears to my eyes) they are so gorgeous. All were presented in a wonderful purple organza bag with magical confetti. I LOVE them all so much and with treasure them forever. Thank you so much again hun. Lots of love, Cathy x x x x x x

Cathy H

I just Love the jewellery, they are so wonderful. I have gotten so many positive comments on them, so keep up your good work. I love the energies the jewellery are infused with. Nina


Necklace came today Catherine, ty, very nice job :) xxx Bill


Omg, earrings arrived today - look even better than in photo - been wearing them all day! I like them because they match my tattoo of a pentangle thats on the back of my neck. Thank you so much for the prompt posting! They are magic Xx Deborah


I'm very happy to have received my certificates for the "Golden Triangle Healing system" and the "Crystal Skull Activation" from the lovely Catherine at Angelic Light Spiritual & Complementary Therapies! I would highly recommend the courses she offers, if you haven't already seen her page, pop over for a look - Alfheim


I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the wonderful Catherine for all her help n guidance not forgetting fantastic readings :)). I am truly greatful for everything hun. You are a genuine, kind, caring and gifted lady. Thanku again. Lots of love n light hun x x x x x


I have completed Angelic Lights Reiki level 1 distant course with which I have received 4 amazing attunements from Catherine, truly awesome :)). I highly recommend this course to you all. I have thoroughly been enjoying the healing energy for my back pain and can't wait to start Reiki 2, with Catherine's help and guidance. Thank you sooooo much x x x


I am still in awe with the Lemurian reading I received from Catherine! It brought such peace and love to my heart as I read it through over and over and it completely fit with me and how I have been feeling over the past while. So accurate and even though it is a mini reading there is still much to absorb! Thank you so much Catherine from my mini reading, you are so gifted and I would recommend your services to anyone seeking a reading <3

Kayla Yetman

Last night I received my attunement for the Long Distance Shamballa course level one and it was just amazing. I had such a beautiful experience ad for hours afterwards felt as though my crown chakra was wide open and my heart lifted. I am so excited and grateful for this experience and look forward to completing the other 3 levels. Catherine is an amazing and gifted soul, very compassionate and ready to help ensuring I completely understand the material given. Thank you so much Catherine! I recommend her work to anyone looking for readings, healings or courses. Blessings and Love <3 <3 <3

Kayla Yetman

Last Thursday I received my Metatrons Cube attunment for a distance course I had ordered from Catherine. The energies were amazing and very strong. For myself it was the most intense attunment I have ever received. Catherine has been so loving, helpful and patient with all of my questions and has taken such care and time to answer them all. I have had wonderful experiences with this new modality and truly look froward to using it more and more in the future as I practice with it each day. Thank you so much Catherine for such a beautiful gift and for such care in aiding me in learning this new energy healing. Always let your light shine as brilliantly as it does and I look forward to booking more long distance courses in the future <3 Blessings and Love, Kayla <3 xxx

Kayla Yetman

I've just read my free reading I won :). WOW its so accurate n beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes again (not in a bad way) I LOVE it, thanku sooooooooooooooo much hun. I've been enjoying the reiki meditation n reading the manual, love it (your a very clever, talented n gifted lady, don't let your head swell lol) lots of love n light x x x x x Cathy

Cathy Hollinshead

Thanku once again Catherine for an amazing reading, sooooo accurate, true n moving (brought tears to my eyes). You truly are one amazing lady and I'm so glad I've been able to sign up for your Reiki distance course at last. Lots of love n light, Cathy x x x

Cathy Hollinshead

Received a very intuitive & enlightened reading from Catherine. Will definately return for more.... she has a true gift.


Hi all, I have been receiving distant attunements from Catherine since 2008, and have been so pleased with her service. Catherine was one of my first mentors in energy healing and absent work and through her website has inspired me so much. Catherine is very supportive of everybody, very sharing. I love knowing Catherine. X

Deborah Ashley Jones

The reading is so accurate and it blew me away. You are such an amazing person and thank you for your time and friendship. Love. Girty xx


I have just received yet another FANTASTIC reading from the extremely talented n gifted Catherine. Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much hun it has meant sooooooo much, wonderful. Lots of love n light, Cathy x x x x

Cathy Hollinshead

Have just had a lovely reading from this lady! Absolutely blown away by her knowledge and accuracy! I have told only one person about my plans for the future and he has been sworn to secrecy! But she picked up on exactly what they were!! This was a very short reading but blew me away...........and has helped with my confusion of opportunities! :) Thanks Catherine Robson

Sarah Kernan

Hi Catherine :)) hope your well. I just wanted to say thank you sooooooo much for my mini spirit reading it was wonderful. I've had very brief visions of this spirit guide but I'm having problems connecting :( really pleased and feel blessed to now know his name :))))). Your readings are fantastic and soooo accurate, thank you again hun x x x

Catherine Hollinshead

Hi Catherine ♥. Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for my reading it was FANTASTIC and sooooooooooo acurate. Anyone that is thinking about having a reading please please don't hesitate, its brilliant, accurate and comforting. Just go for it :)) Catherine is a wonderful, loving and intuitive. Thank you soooooooooo much again x x x x

Cathy Hollinshead

Hello Catherine, Thank you so very much for taking your time in doing my Magickal Reading. Wow it's fantastic and I wish you all the best with this type of reading on your website. It's excellent. I am really looking forward to progressing with my wicca. The reading has really motivated me. Many Blessings to you, Pamela.

Pamela Caddy

I have had the honour of receiving a reading from Catherine and cannot express how wonderful it was! Her reading was very clear, accurate and empowering. I was surprised at the details given that were very accurate with my life currently and where I am heading. I look forward to applying the guidance given in the reading and to the change that will occur from it. Thank you so much Catherine for such a beautiful and empowering reading! Lots of love and gratitude. ~Kayla Yetman <3 <3

Kayla-Lynn Yetman

I completed my angel healing course with Catherine, and Dolphin and Unicorn healing too. I use them all and really noticed the difference as soon as I was attuned to them. I have also had a fantastic reading with Catherine also, so have several of my friends. She is affordable too. But most of all, exteremly good at what she does. Thankyou Ccatherine. xxx

Debbie Wildi

I have completed several distance courses with Catherine, and had a couple of readings by her as well as one healing session. I am SO glad that I found Catherine's site last year. I knew instantly that she was the right teacher for me. She puts so much care into every session that she does, and is extremely knowledgeable about every subject that she teaches. Each time I have emailed her with a question, I have received a prompt, detailed, and friendly reply. It is obvious from every interaction with her that she truly cares about every student/client, and that this is not "just" a business to her. Catherine has also been extremely supportive to me as I've started up my own business doing intuitive readings. Thank you Catherine, I'm so glad that you are sharing your gifts with the world!

Nahanni Faith

Nahanni Faith Intuitive Readings

I am enjoying your web-site. It is very informative. I have printed out the free attunements and some of the meditations. I forget to mention that I took two free attunements from Nicole Lanning. Image Reiki and Pain management impowerment. I felt great. You have a Blessed day.

Bernard Marks

Thank you so much for The Unicorn Attunement last evening. I also sensed the energy of Diana Cooper during this attunement. I was surprised because in the beginning of the attunement my Unicorn Guide came near me and suddenly touched my forehead and my eyelids with her golden horn energy (I felt it was a female energy) I also saw fairies helping in this healing.

Maria Campos

Thank u so much for the Unicorn Attunement last night, I met my Unicorn he is called Sherpa also met an native american indian spirit guide called Gofer, he was a medicine man, again thank u for ur kindness in sharing this experience with us all around the world, Love & Light

Antoinette Doyle ( Reiki Master)

Divine Awesomness is what comes to my mind after surfing the site!! So much love & abundance dwells in u dear Catherine that you feel so content to share it with the world - a quality so rare today!! Thank you so much for these wonderful uplifting teachings/attunement /meditations and above all, Thank You for the gift of YOU to us all ;-) luv n light - always! Xx


What a wonderful blessing you are to pass and be of service as you are. These are wonderful and highly energetic attunements and meditations. Thank you for sharing these with others and shining brightly your own inner light. With love and light

Tami - Healings of the Heart

Catherine, your free offerings and sharing of the Angel attunements and the meditations are wonderful. I came across your site today via facebook and am very happy to meet you and share in your work.. I will be telling others about your lovely website here too...thank you and the Angels. Namaste xx

Lynda - Kiwi Chick

I have received many readings and healing sessions from Catherine over the past 4 years. I have also completed a number of distance courses with her too. Catherine is a truly amazing lady with an abundance of healing and intuitive talents. She is a beautiful lady who has many wonderful gifts to offer the world. Thank you Catherine for being you! Much love xxxxx

Nicole Wulfekuhle

Catherine is a caring, skilled and loving lightworker. Her Spirit mini-reading was accurate and thoughtful, and brought me comfort when I was missing my Nan the most (even though I had not revealed to Catherine that it was my Nan to whom I wanted to connect.) Thanks, Catherine, for all you do!

Joanna Gawn

Hi Catherine, thank you for the Spirit Guide Reading you did for me, it all made sense to me and answered questions I had been asking for a while, also the message you gave me from my mum meant the world to me, to know she is still by my side and watching out for me.

Beth xx (Shira Aaliyah)

Archangelic Seichim Reiki Distance Course: HI Catherine I have been working with Seichim Reiki energies for a long time, but to compare to this new Archangelic Seichim Reiki is different. For the last week my energy has been increasing a lot. Everytime that I work with it, it is so strong that there are times that my body feels like it is electrified. It creates aroud me a very strong sheild of protection against negative energies from others. When I did the self attunement I had tears rolling down my face. Thank you so much for this beautiful gift. I can't wait to receive my certificate so that I can start printing my new brochures. This is the gift that I have been waiting for the Angels guided me to find your site and I am grateful to them for this. Love & Light Pierre


Dolphin Reiki Distance Course and Elemental Reiki Distance Course: I have had the Dolphin reiki attunement and the Elemental reiki attunements with Catherine and both were very relaxing and uplifting experiences. I recieved my manuals straight away before the attunements and I also recieved my certificates through the post straight away. I find Catherine very easy to communicate with and she is happy to help with any questions in regards to the courses that I have looked into doing with her. I highly recommend the courses to others looking into long distance reiki attunements. Blessings to you Beth x


Kundalini Reiki Distance Course: Thank you Catherine! My body felt like it vibrated the whole time. It also feels hot and I feel great and peaceful. Thank you again very much. Love, Terri


Kundalini Reiki Distance Course: Thank you Catherine, When I received my attunement by body felt hot all over. I was definitely relaxed and felt very peaceful as well. I actually tried the level 2 on me last night because my shoulders and back were stiff. The stiffness is gone and it felt great. Thank you, Terri


Unicorn Energy Healing System Distance Course: Hello Catherine... Thank you for sending me the Unicorn Healing Atunement, it was awesome, I felt them with me and I felt wonderful. You are an Amazing person Catherine with so many gifts that you can pass on to others. Blessings, Jeanette


Angel Light Initiation Distance Course: Hello Catherine.... Thank you so much for the Attunement of Angel Light Intitation. I felt real great when I received it and felt the Angels around me. I am looking forward to using it as well. You are amazing and a wonderful friend. Blessings, Jeanette


Divine Guidance Reading: Hello Catherine, Thank you so much for the wonderful Divine Guidance reading, you were spot on with everything that you wrote. I know this reading will help me along my path, you gave me the answers I was looking for. Thank you again Catherine you are Truly Amazing with the beautiful gifts you share with others.. Sending Blessings of Light and Happiness to you. Jeanette


Divine Guidance Reading: Hi Catherine "Namaste" "Thank you" so much,for the wonderful reading my friend. It was and is, a truly beautiful and moving experience. The vibration of the words and message, are, of pure oneness, love, light. You are a beautiful, beautiful, soul Catherine, whose gifts, are being used both wisely and well, for the benefit of all ~ I salute you my friend. May your heart, always flow with the pure love of source...with creator essence.....may your existance, be one of being. Have a wonderful journey Catherine ~ I`m sure you will! I love you, Love Dharminder


Spirit Readings: I would just like to say that Catherine has very kindly done me two readings. She has had my late husband draw close and has been able to pass messages and words from him that i cant believe the accuracy of her picking up. It was like actually talking and listening to my husband. They were unbelievable. It helped me comfirm and find peace in my heart that my beautiful husband and wonderful dad to our 2 boys is aware and still looking out for us. She is truly an angel.. Catherine is a kind and warm hearted person and I'm so grateful for finding her and will be having more readings from her in the future. The accuracy of her readings are wow wow wow.. Lots of love to Catherine and her family, lots of love and hugs to this lovely precious angel. l love you love Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Divine Guidance Reading: Hi Catherine I am so amazed (but not surprised) at the Divine Guidance reading you did for me. It was lovely that my nan and granddad came through for me, especially my nan as she and I were so close. It was so reassuring to know that they are with us whenever we need them. Thank you as well for the guidance that came through. It has confirmed that I am on the right path and also clarified to me why I had to return to my role as air crew! I feel really happy and reassured that life is just how it should be for me and has also given me even more optimism for the future! I have no hesitation in recommending you to others who may be looking for a reading and will refer people to your site as I am asked all the time for honest and accurate readers.


Divine Guidance Reading: I have had many readings by Catherine through the years. Her incredible gift, talent and love from angels, guides, loved ones and others that come through bring such peace and direction in my life. Even as a psychic and an author, I still need guidance in some areas and Catherine is the one I keep coming back to for help. Her incredible readings can and will change your life. How blessed we all are to have her here helping and guiding us along in our lives. Thank you Catherine for your work and for touching my life so deeply and profoundly with your readings. You are indeed an angel on earth and I am blessed to know you. Nikki Pattillo


Unicorn Energy Healing System Distance Course: Unicorn Healing is the second healing system that Catherine has attuned me to and by far one of my favourites. Although I work with Unicorns in my business, the attunement was a beautiful experience and I really enjoyed the unicorn meditation that accompanies the course. Catherine is a wonderful Teacher too, very genuine and really does care about bridging the light amongst us. I would highly recommend this healing system, even if you don?t want to practice with the energy, just being attuned will aid your spiritual ascension, especially as we move towards 2012, as well as help your communication with these wondrous beings. Calista


Divine Guidance Reading - John I have had many readings over the last few years, looking for direction and someone i can trust. I'm very glad to say that I have found the best medium, Catherine. Her readings are shockingly accurate and it's almost like she knows you. Catherine has helped me over the last twelve months in many ways. Her loving guidance and excellent connection to spirit make her not only a brilliant psychic medium but also a very good friend. I have never met someone so caring and willing to help as Catherine. She is always at the end of a email even after you have had your reading, to help and offer support. As a medium myself, I can say that she has a very exciting career ahead of her......10 out of ten, shes the real deal! John XX


Distance Attunements: I would just like to say that I have completed 2 courses with Catherine, I did them through long distance attunements, which felt lovely, and I hope to do many more in the future. I can really recommend these courses. Many thanks Catherine, Kind regards, Kareen Hubbard.


Spirit Guide Readings: I have had a few readings off Catherine now, and I must say I have been very impressed indeed. Her readings are always incredibly detailed not to mention very accurate. Catherine has a wealth of knowledge, and what seems a never ending supply of spirit helpers to call on. I have had many readings from other psychics but none have blown me away like Catherine's have. I would encourage anyone to have a reading even if they are not looking at specific areas in their life for guidance. Much Love, Belinda.


Distance Attunements: I started taking long distant attunements with Catherine in 2009 and immediately felt a connection with her. I was pregnant at the time, and not only did I feel the sensations of the attunement but the baby did too. It was an amazing experience. Not only does Catherine teach, but she also provides advice on other spiritual matters. She responds really fast to any questions or queries, her website is extremely informative and she a brilliant spiritual teacher. Catherine is also extremely giving in all that she does and I would definately recommend Catherine as a Master/Teacher to anyone who wants to further their spiritual career. Tracy Kelly, Grimsby, UK.


Angel & Ascension Reading and Distance Attunements: Catherine thank you so much for my Angel & Ascension Reading you done for me. It is so accurate, and very comforting. I read over anytime I feel low or doubt and it always makes me feel better, inspires me and above all reminds me to keep faith. I thank you too, for all your attunements, You have such a loving kind energy that is apparent with your attunemnets and healing. Your thoughtfulness and care before, during and after is so welcome and your many offers on your services are appreciated. Thank you for all you do and may you continue to be blessed and a blessing to us all. Tracey Hougham, Dorset.


Distance Attunements and Divine Guidance Reading: I have known and worked with Catherine @ Angelic light for over a year now and I actually had my first distant reiki attunement with Catherine (Kundalini Reiki ) in September 2009, which was a wonderful attunement : ) and had me addicted! I have also had a Reading with Catherine which was very good and helped me. Catherine is a lovely, warm hearted lady whose warmth comes through her energy work and personality. I am very grateful to her in lots of ways and I'm so glad I took that first step with the Kundalini last year as so much has happened and I feel so different in myself and my spiritual path : ) Thankyou very much Catherine : ) Lots of love, Lorraine xoxoxo


I have received Healings from Catherine and I loved the very first one - Kundalini Healing. I still to this moment can feel, see and remember it with great detail and the most intense energy of Love and Joy. Catherine was the first to clearly explain that all of it was within my power to have and create myself, that alone is etched in my heart, that I was worthy to heal and was unconditionally loved on all aspects of my being. Catherine is one of the best examples of bringing the spiritual down into the earthly planes and all you have to do is see how she balances her gifts, family, friends and students and she does it with Joy. Whether you are beginning a journey, midway, wherever you are in your Journey, Catherine will have an answer to point anyone to their next step. Distance is not an issue, no time or place, Catherine will touch your very heart and soul. It is with Great Love and Joy that I give this testimonal.

Rhonda Lazemizadeh aka Fereshte of Shata Lake, California USA.